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Welcome to Platinum Yoga

"Where Zen meets Fun"


“I love it that some of the poses are predictable, however, they always throw in new poses and balance challenges switching it up. The instructor works at the pace of the students in the class and always check in with us after warming up.”

Angie Reijo

We want to welcome you into our studio for in person classes though we also have all classes online as well so you can do class on Zoom as desired. Contact your instructor for additional questions and Zoom ID to join classes.

Discover yoga classes specially designed 

to suit your style for stress reduction, 

strengthen your mind, body and spirit 

for everyone from beginners and yoga 

enthusiasts alike.

At Platinum Yoga, we offer classes for 

students of all levels, in a space 

designed with love and attention to help 

you explore the basics and the finer 

aspects of yoga.

Our certified Yoga instructors are here 

to aid you in reducing stress in your life 

while increasing your flexibility as well 

as building your strength, ability to

focus and overall personal fitness. 

We take great pride at Platinum Yoga in providing members with the highest quality yoga and fitness experience. In every class a certified yoga or fitness instructor will work with your fitness needs and goals in a safe, friendly environment to ensure beginner to advanced fitness levels feel welcome!

Yoga is known to lead to benefits such as delayed aging, higher energy levels and toned muscles, and that's not even mentioning the benefits to your mental health and stress levels! So don't put it off–call us at once to start looking, and feeling, more beautiful today. 

"Yoga has always been an amazing outlet for me and I now attend one of the best studios south of the river with amazing teachers and an incredible community."


New to Yoga?

Our company is based on the belief 

that our customers' needs are of the 

utmost importance. Our entire team is 

committed to being the best Yoga 

studio in the Twin Cities area and to 

meeting your needs. 

As a result, a high percentage of our 

business is from repeat customers 

and referrals.

At Platinum Yoga we offer a welcoming 

environment for all ages, body types 

and fitness levels.

Will I be able to do it?

Classes will be called out with varying ability levels in mind so all members can pick the difficulty level they desire.

An example might be an instructor calling for Level I members to have knees on the mat for modified plank, Level II members to full plank and Level III members to full plank and float your right leg off the mat to create three very different fitness ability levels and ensuring all levels can follow the class.

We look forward to assisting members in increasing their fitness levels and achieving their personal goals. Come for class; stay for coffee and social time!

“All the classes are excellent. You really engage us to challenge ourselves and your doing a fine job of it too!”




509 East County Road 42

Burnsville, MN 55337

In the Byerly's mall

Here is Today's Class Schedule: